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Theme Holidays Packages India

Themed Holidays: Your desire for Ultimate Holiday Experience! Are you looking for adventure sporting locations in India? Would you like to go for a casual sightseeing on a weekend? Have you been looking forward to visiting the many exotic wildlife locations of this country? Are you a newly-wed couple looking for a romantic sojourn at the best beach or hill station destinations of India? For all these diverse needs of your travel, Trip Inventor provides you the facility of selecting the holiday packages on the basis of theme of travel. We have classified the vacation tour packages on the basis of these themes to make your searches more relevant.
India holidays packages. Click on any of these themes and find all packages.

Spa and Ayurveda
Looking for a sojourn that will take you into a world where you can reacquaint yourself with finer aspects of life? An Ayurveda and Spa themed India holidays is one such convivial package that offers wellness of mind and body enhanced with a stunning experience. These packages have been designed for people who are in search of solitude and wish to step into a pleasant state of equilibrium... Read More
Beach Holidays
Beaches, the golden coastlines where land beautifully embraces the exotic sea, are the perfect getaway destinations in India. Flanked by Arabian Sea on its west and by Bay of Bengal on its east, this country is a proud possessor of few of the best beaches of the world. Sea shores interspersed by tall palm trees give travelers a chance to intervene within their lifestyle the calmness of Mother Nature. Sea waves... Read More
Wildlife Tours
If you think that India is ‘Just’ a land of snakes, then you really need to explore the abundant wildlife of this wonderland. Highly revered as an ideal tourist destination, India attracts a lot of visitors from all over who are passionate about discovering the extraordinary! This ultimate terra firma boasts its wide range of flora and fauna which can be spotted in its 97 National Parks, 441 wildlife sanctuaries... Read More
Culture and Heritage
India is an enigmatic country, bestowed with unique charm echoed by its deep rooted cultural heritage. The more you invest your endeavor in unveiling its affluent culture and heritage, the more amusing it becomes. The cultural heritage of India traverses much beyond the art and architecture that is prominent today. It is the perfect incarnation of all exquisite things that come together and is the world... Read More